Hey there

I’m Britny.

I’m a journalist and social media specialist. And I’m very glad you’re here. 

Some things you should know:

I love entertainment media more than almost anything (except maybe mashed potatoes). I find comfort in the darkness of movie theaters and colorful lights of concerts. A kid in a candy store doesn’t have as much fun as I do talking about TV.

And writing about entertainment is what I like to do. So far, I have written for radio websites, BuzzFeed Community, TheWeirdlings.com, MultimediaNewsroom.us, ORANGE Magazine and Fox 15 Abilene/KIDY Fox San Angelo. I also blog on my own time, as regularly as I can. 

I also love doing human interest, lifestyle, and culture pieces. And I even have a bit of experience in sports reporting.

Aside from my love of writing, I'm also a skilled social media specialist, with two years as a web producer/digital director under my belt. If it's happening anywhere on social media, I know about it. 

Photo by  Mary Boyden

Photo by Mary Boyden

What can I do for you?

I can write, I can photograph, I can run your social media accounts with skill and whatever voice you want. If it’s journalism or branding related, I’m your girl. 

I’m also really interested in entertainment production and marketing. Have an opportunity in either field? I’d love to help you. 

Interested? Email me at beubank@kvue.com.

Let’s do awesome stuff together.